About Aina

Aina Lee has always loved makeup from the time she was a young girl watching with fascination as her mother softened her Maybelline eyeliner by lighting a match. It was when  she began apprenticing a makeup artist and wig master for off-Broadway productions 8 years ago that Aina decided to pursue makeup full-time.  After completing the Fashion & Glamour makeup program at Empire Beauty School,she took the risk of leaving the corporate sector and became a full-time freelance makeup artist.  She hasn't looked back and has been working ever since. 

"I believe in making my clients look and feel their best without taking away the characteristics that make them who they are,”- a philosophy she adopted from assisting some of the top artists in the industry. Industry powerhouses Eve Pearl, Paul Innis, Jared Janas and Frederick Sanders are among her mentors. 

Currently, she works with production companies worldwide on various types of content.  She also is a freelance makeup artist at Sportsnet New York where she works on all on-air talent and guests  including Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and Gary Apple.  She has worked with celebrities such as Eve, Lolo Jones and Jeanne Chatzky.

"When I’m doing makeup, I don’t feel hunger, thirst.  I don’t get tired. That’s how I know this is what I’m supposed to do.”

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